Health Care

Blue Ocean Strategies

Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) provides a strategic and systematic approach to tap new, profitable business potential with unique growth strategies, which have al-
ready been successfully implemented by a wide range of global companies and organisations.

Covert non-customers into customers, increase bene-
fits while reducing costs, break away from the industry standard: swim in a blue ocean, make the competition irrelevant, your guarantee for sustainable success!

DeBoSys New Business Manufacturing works clos-
ely in the healthcare market with MSU-Consulting, the co-developer and only certified user of this method in German-speaking countries.

Get in touch with us. We look forward to interesting, strategic conversations!

E-Health / Health 2.0 / Telecare

According to the WHO, e-health refers to the cost-
effective and secure use of information and com-
munication technologies to promote general health.

E-health applications are adapted to needs and acceptance of patients and doctors, communication between the parties involved, the integration of sys-
tems and the consolidation of medical and non-medi-
cal information.

This also includes the exchange of information and
data between the parties involved: we would be hap-
py to discuss and develop telecare strategies together with you.


Public health insurance companies in Germany are undergoing a consolidation phase. Competition between insurance companies will continue to increase.
Differences in programmes and services are often de-
ciding factors as to where a member and their family will end up.

We can show insurance companies ways to achieve maximum retention and highlight potential to gain new members while optimising processes.

Launching bank-related services within an insurance company's areas of operation can be a very lucrative approach.